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Wandering Eyes Optical Equipment Sales And Service believes in giving back to the community. Below are several of the programs we have been involved with. If you would like more information or to help out, please email us.

Paul J Connor 216-263-6032


Susan Stees 352-817-1611


Vosh SE asked Susan to teach a class on how to make glasses without an edger. She had to a quick class in optics to make sure everyone knew about spheres, cylinders and axis. Then the group was shown how to mark a lens in a lensometer. They used 'chipping boxes' and hand cutting pliers to chip the lens into the shape and size needed for a frame. By hand they put a bevel on the lens so it would stay in a frame. This group then went to Boliva to teach the locals how to do this. The mission was a great success as they made over 4,000 pairs of glasses and the people of  Boliva now have the knowledge to do this themselves.

St Pius Eye Clinic is an outreach program of charitable giving from Food For The Poor. Located in Kingston, Jamaica it has an on site optical lab, doctor's lane, and surgery center. Wandering Eyes Optical not only donated the entire lab but Paul set it up and installed all the equipment. He goes to St. Pius regularly to help them learn how to make eyewear. When time is short he returns home with up to 400 pairs of glasses to be made. He will then make the glasses at night in his free time and return them by mail to the patients of St. Pius. His group is always looking for volunteers to help in Kingston for a week.

Paul flew to Baku City in Azerbaijen to teach optics. He had a translator for himself and his students to help bridge the language barrier. This Optical Mission was sponsored by Carelift International. It was an eye opening experience in culture but proves people everywhere need eyeglasses and how important they are to the world and that working together everyone can make a difference.

Jamaican house built with donatations from Wandering Eyes Optical Equipment Sales and Service. Through his church, Paul found out that many families in Jamaica did not even have a home. He stepped up and donated money to have five of these houses built for the poorest of the poor over the course of several years. Wanting to help these people even more is what led him to start an optical there

Susan has been to the Dominican Republic three times for mission work.  Susan was invited to cut the ribbon to start school week where with Vosh SE's help they dispensed over 1,600 and had a photo shoot with Senator Vergas