Alpha Edger by Essilor refurbished with manual excellent, scanner & blocker included

Essilor 900 patternless system (edger, scanner, blocker)

Essilor Profil patterned edger

Santinelli 7070 patternless system (edger, scanner, blocker)

4T tracer National Optronics

Humphrey auto lensometer model 350

Surfacing trays- black, blue, red and green-used

stock lenses- CR39, Poly, Hi Index, Transition

Staking tool- 18pc set

Horizon HV-B optronics edger

Briot 5000 S for parts only

Novamatic pattern maker

Patternrite pattern maker                                                                                                                                                                         

Takubomatic groover

Novamatic Star Master automatic edge polisher                                                                                                                                           

frame sizer

speedy blocker AIT

AIT Handy 307 handstone

AIT Dual Handstone model 325

Ultrasound sonic cleaner- refurbished

Vigor Ultra sonic cleaner with lid

B&L ultrasonic cleaner

Reg size glass beads  clear

Heat treater AIT timer temp gauge & verifer all in one

Vigor bead pan

The edge II hand edger

BPI 6 mini tank

BPI 9 pot tank


BPI UV meter computercal II

Doctor's Equipment

AO projector

AO slides

AO Phoroptor model 11625

B & L aux lens set for Greens

Instrument table- Marco

Topcon LM-P5 projection lensometer transposes Rx by pushing one button!

Silver screen & mirrors

chairs & stands

slit lamp Burton Dura Test 800



4 stools

Welch Allyn 2 tool charger

B&L Greens phoropter

Dr stool

3 instrument table- wheel chair accessible

         Reliance one instrument table  

         B&L manuel instrument table                                                                                                                                     

Topcon chair 1800EU gear for up and down movement


     Topcon chair gears & pins 1800 EU for up & down movement

     Novamatic pattern maker parts

     Groover parts

     Speedy blocker parts

We carry parts for:

Essilor- Kappa, Gamma, Alpha, 900mx, 90m and Profil

AIT- Maxima/ combimax, Grand Mark, Mark VI, Mark  V,
Super Dynamite, Optivue, Optimax

Santinelli- 7070, 9000

B&L vertometers, Marco,Topcon, AO, Burton, Woodlyn, Reichert      



Essilor, Reichert, Burton, Kodak

Reichert, Burton. Topcon, B&L greens

And assorted optical equipment- just call us

If your Topcon 1800EU chair won't go up and down call Susan for repair parts

New vs Used- most times used parts run half the price of new but keep in mind how long you will keep your machine before you decide. All used parts are inspected before leaving our offices.

Restocking fee is 20% if a part is returned unused or not needed. We don't like to do it but are just passing on our suppliers policies.

Paul J Connor 216-263-6032


Susan Stees 352-817-1611


Wandering Eyes Optical Equipment

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