Wandering Eyes Optical Equipment

Sales & Service

Q.Why do I need preventive maintenance?

A. To keep your equipment at top performance. We not only clean instruments, we inspect them for wear and tear so you won't face expensive down time.

Q.How often does a manufacture recommend preventive maintenance?

A.Once a year.

Q. Can you come to my optical shop?

A. We actively visit 18 states. If you are out of our driving area, you can mail your instruments to one of our offices and we will repair it , if possible, and return it promptly to your optical shop.

Q.Do you guarantee you work?


Q. How can I know what equipment you have for sale?

A. Check our website. Be forewarned equipment comes and goes daily.

    Call  us.

Q. Do you sell tools and optical supplies too?

A. Yes, we do new and used. Again, feel free to call us.

Q. I want to put in a lab. Can you help?

A. Yes, we will work with you to any capacity that you need us , from designs and layout of the lab to fixtures and what equipment is right for you. We have been in the optical field a long time and know what works.


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Susan Stees 352-817-1611