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Meet the Guys

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Services: PEST CONTROL- inside to prevent and control roaches, ants, crickets, silverfish, scorpions and fleas.

                                Outside perimeter spray (spray around the house) to help prevent insects from entering your house.

             LAWN SERVICE- to control fleas, chinch bugs, crickets, scorpions, ants, roaches, grass hoppers, sod webworms and fungus control.

             SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE CONTROL- to control and prevent and keep your house safe from subterranean tremites.

             TERMITE INSPECTIONS- All Florida homes and building must be inspected upon sale or resale or when financing for termites.

             TREE INJECTIONS- We have injectors for tall trees for insects, fungus and nutrients. The injectors are injected near the base of the tree at a certain depth

                                        and the sap takes the chemicals to the tree top.

             BAIT STATIONS- Termite stations are put around the building and we monitor them monthly for termites.

             PEST TUBES IN THE WALL- prevent insects from entering a building. We also have Pest tubes under the slab and in the attic.

             DUSTING- We dust attics for roaches, ants, crickets, silverfish, scorpions, spiders and fleas.

             TERMITE CONTRACT RENEWALS- After treating a home for termites we offer yearly renewals.



Questions: Email us at: Bird8040@aol.com  Attn: Jay Stees, owner

                 0r call 352-489-8040